Reviews for "Mr Shibby 7 Mini Shows 2"

Really good!

I was surprised to see how good this was! Nice work, keep it up!


that was really really really ass kicking i loved how everything bleneded in to eac otehr and the car and the roller ocster and the ball hitting her face that was a great animation i thought it was good when it was in the class and it blinked to let u no that no one was there except that goko look-alike but really good animation make a part 2 please cause this one was really good and all


That was awesome man i agree with the review before mine number 3 funny as hell


man that was funny i like the use of those 2 charectars from the best flash on newgrounds. a great soundtrack as well i cant see anyone making this flash any better. my favorite part oooooOOOO... stop! this is a great flash and make more!


Le musique est tres bon! Mais je pense que tu as un error dans ton comments. Je pense que le mot "sympathatic" dans anglais n'est pas le mot "sympathetique" dans francais. Est-ce que tu veux a dire "nice?"

Je ne parle pas francais bien, toutefois. Je suis incorrect, probablement. (I only know what my French teacher teaches me and he's not very good. ;-) )