Reviews for "Mr Shibby 7 Mini Shows 2"


I found it amusing..
I didn't quite understand all of the shows, but the tween was done really well, and the graphics were great. I liked how you made parts 3-D too that was cool..
Good work!


wow, this was much much much better than your other mr shibby shows. i didnt like all your other "Mr Shibby"s as much, they weren't really that funny.


very origional, i liked it, it wasnt too long either, just some simple laughs, casual work


i like this series great way to wake up,i enjoy every part of this flash graphic,style,sound,humor all good just ending too,great job hope to see number 8 soon...


That was ace. Each one was funny and well animated. Plus it gave me another reason to hate the Euro (go £). I enjoyed the pixies too, as my band covered that song. Any one see them at Reading? ( i was at Kasabian)