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Reviews for "Self-Portrait"


It had quite some impact on me the first time, very beautiful stuff. Much more interesting than other flash arts, where they just playt with fantasy instead of showing the horrible reality

I liked it,oddly

I understand like you said,you dont condone suicide nor contemplate it,which is good. I despise the whole aspect of suicide. But its great how you took that concept and turned it into somethin more. Definitely found it interesting and enjoyable. Keep it up man

Testy peoples

Why are people saying "this wasn't funny" no where did anyone say it was suppose to be... I can sit back and look at this without getting angry, I don't believe in suicide, but this was an artistic idea someone had and they did it as they wanted to.
People need not get so offended over a cartoon... Moreso when you look at some of the other stuff on this site.


this is just sick, not even funny the least bit. ill give yah credit for the quality of it but... still this is just sick


shit made me so angry