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Reviews for "Self-Portrait"


Did not see it coming like many others did. Dont see why people should get pissed off about it, unlike what many others did.

first of all, reviewers, lets get this straight: newgrounds is for FLASH MOVIES, not -FUNNY- FLASH MOVIES. It is for every type. Saying 'bah this wasnt funny' is not exactly a review. giving it a bad score based on that is not exactly smart. In fact, thats just plain dumb imo. Flash is to animate. What people create is up to them. If you believe that this site, or flash in general for that matter, is to only make funny animations then you should really re-evaluate. You don't use tv camera's just to create sit coms either(although it does start to look more and more like that :P)

Or to sum it up nicely like another reviewer did: Chill the @#$% out.

And yes, I know about how suicides can affect life so please, dont go and tell me how serious suicide is. I had to deal with one myself recently so i am quite aware thank you. Still no need to get upset about this. This is just animated art, get over it.

chill the fuck out

first of all great work, mad graphics orgianal idea, and short simple and effective.

but ffs people get a grip like one person said before it wasnt ment to be funny. well no shit. i liked it and i am so sick of the childish video game parordys toliet humor and the same old crapy fight flixs that r on here now i dont like the idea of killing my self or any of that but its nice 2 see some new ideas because there is worse

I shot myself for that!?!?

After Watching your film I thought "Man, what an awesome idea!" So I got a pistol and blasted my spleen all over the wall.

What did I get?

A picture of Elmo presenting his anus to me! Homo bastard!

You can just paint yourself away...you're pathetic

This has to be THE WORST submission I have ever seen on this entire site, I dont even know how you managed to submit this sludge of an animation to this site... They say that art is the window to the soul, and your "artwork" manages to dictate quite clearly how much of a despicable self-loathing attention seeking emo-trash reject that you are. There are enough evils in this world without rancid rejects like yourself prancing around with their "artwork" seeking attention, you seek to suck the very soul of society dry... which is probably fine with you seeing as you have no soul, and no particular reason for existance, but I'll have you know the rest of us here on the world are quite fed up with you and your crap!

dude that was awesome!!

that was so great! i totally didnt see that comming at all!