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Reviews for "Self-Portrait"

That was hilarious

the graphics were fantastic. and when he falls down, awter shooting himself i was on the floor laughing

:D Amazing...

Graphics...yeh alittle wobberly but still clear and effective. Clever link to the names as well.
Dont think its suposed to have that effect...but I cant help but smile when I see it again and again. Great work

good flash kinda dark though

hey man no offense i mean it was extremely good work and all but i rated it low cuz im not into all that dark shit
good work tho

Exeptionally good, very creative and imagenative

I loved this flash so much, even my family and friends thought it was awsome. My mom is always into the artsy thing,lol, and she said it was really good. It sort of has a bit of irony in it, if you compare the brief intro for it than actually watching it. It has that sertant thing about it that "alot" of people cant really put out into words nor pictures..but you've seemed to have handled it quite well. Again, very nice job, and the way i make flash videos and stories are "very" similar to your ways. Sometimes useing dreams or merely imagenation.


That is wicked i have nothing else to say exept great submission :D i loved it