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Reviews for "Self-Portrait"


that was really stupid

Oh my...

Wow, you're really fucked up. Great fbf animation though, good work. Don't go attempting that, k?


alright, not a bad flash, i don't really critique the story much, although a little more depth could be helpful
overall, reason would help
for anyone thinking of commiting anything like this, really it ain't worth it, i've seen four or five of these now. Its rediculous. Anyhow, I'm sure this has meaning to the author, suicide is hard to explain, but I think I can see a lot of meaning in the flash.
Good job, personally, I'd rather see a flower dance around then another one of these, but nice job anyway.

Very Nice

Was A Great Flash... Awsome Drawings, I Loved It, Deep Down Meanin Just Kinda Gets To Ya Keep Up The Good Work

Nice short!

Very nice flash. My only complaint is that it's been known that people close their eyes before (you know-not wanting to ruin the flash).

Great art style too.