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Reviews for "Self-Portrait"


pretty damn cool if you ask me.
I liked it because it was different and I didnt really expect what happened.. so yea keep it up dude.

that was...

weird but awsome fbf it was amazing


good game i like it...
nice graphics!

Sorro for my bad inglish!


This was just a little strange and it kinda would give other people a giggle if they knew what they we're watching...if you catch my drift. It was a little strange (again) and worth watching if you wanna see a short.

I don't really exactly have a big reveiw for this. My sugestions to make this better would be making it longer and adding in some vocals before he shot himself with that berretta wouldn't of hurt either.

I did like the artsy style and graphics, great for a Flash 7 movie. I also noticed this was on the front page a couple years ago.

I liked it.

I have to admit, it made me giggle when, as he's falling, his head swivels.

Anyway, interesting way to portray yourself. I'm having trouble coming up with the words to describe how I see this flash, really (it's in a good way, don't worry)... I may have to review again later.

I've always loved things that look sketchy and clean and the same time. This is definitely a favorite of the flashes I've seen on here.

Overall it's a great flash.