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Reviews for "Zelda: Majora's Mock"


what was that?


Just bad. First off, Majora's Mask was a horrible game. Second off, the endings were just horrible (including the duck hunt dog ending). They lacked that funny sense of comedy to get people really laughing. PLUS, the voice-overs were just bad. I can't stand bad voice-acting. Regardless of if it's meant to be bad.

TX2 responds:

this site is view by a lot of people all over the world. What strange and powerful technology do you have that allows you to tell when people are laughing? Why have you not shared this new technology with the world (do you fear of how it could be abused in world wars?)


i wanna know how the hell this got onto the front page who did u buy off? and by the way the only reason i put humor as 1 is cuz i kinda laughed at how crappy this was but not that much

TX2 responds:

Sorry, but I didn't buy off anyone. Thanks for looking for people who try to buy their way to fame, though.

ok... this sorta makes me think.....

who the hell is the guy with blue hair? well, anyways, this sucks alot, like a really lot...I don't even remember there being a guy with blue hair in Majoras Mask..... but it was funny when link doesn't get shot.. but thats it..... so I'm gonna give this a zero.....