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Reviews for "Zelda: Majora's Mock"


That was hillarious... especially when i shot the other guy... lol. oh and the err... dog thing was interesting aswell. good work


"And where the hell do you get live ammo in a medevil fantasy game?!" No offence or anything, but the "Shoot-the-real-Kafei" ending was certainly better. I was laughing the whole time after the first line. The animation is excellent, as is the art. I envy you about the art part. ANyway, keep up the parodies!

Omg kafei

hahahahahah "And where the hell do you get live ammo in an medival fantasy game."

that was hilarious

"where the hell do you get acctual amo in a medival fantasy game?"

hehe nice

hey isn't anju a pedo? i mean realy the person she marries looks links age.
but anyway nice game i like it when you shoot link the evil moon in the sky comes to kill them anyway...hehehe thats what you get for killing the hero