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Reviews for "Zelda: Majora's Mock"

Oh yeah

Link was killed, Kafei too, but who was the last?

TX2 responds:

wait a little bit

Love your reviews as always

Fantastic flash TX2, when I found out why you hadn't been all over newgrounds like an aardvark on an ant hill this summer. I was saddend but I guess the wait is over with your halloween flash and now this! Congratz on your first front page TX2, though it's even sweeter because you have a lot more reviews to respond to. I almost get as much of a kick out of your responces as I get out of your flashes.

Hope we'll get stuck in a class together some time up at school over the next few years. So here's to your next flash when ever that may be. Feel free to E-mail me if you want to do anything.

P.S. The mockumentory is up on the net just not here, hosting it off of my home server.


two guys, one dog, and a loaded gun preparing to fire, the one where Link gets shot is the funniest for 2 reasons. 1.He tells when her dies XD, 2.They forgot all about the moon crashing into Termina, and with Link dead who would stop it? just hilarious


errrrr i've been shot and i'm ded

shoot LInk

" Aw I've been shot and I'm dead"