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Reviews for "Zelda: Majora's Mock"


That was the funest thing i have ever saw. Keep u thegood work.

(falls off chair laughing)

Oh. Man. That was awesome. I gave you ten on everything because the ending where Link bawles out the girl is just so hilarious. Though I do think the voice acting was good, and the graphics were good exactly because they were sloppy. Oh, this one gets a 5 . . .


two guys, one dog, and a loaded gun preparing to fire, the one where Link gets shot is the funniest for 2 reasons. 1.He tells when her dies XD, 2.They forgot all about the moon crashing into Termina, and with Link dead who would stop it? just hilarious


errrrr i've been shot and i'm ded

shoot LInk

" Aw I've been shot and I'm dead"