Reviews for "Zelda: Majora's Mock"

one thing

You can kill that annoying little friggin pop up with that loud ass dog! W00T just for that man! Right in its annoying friggin mouth!


i found the 3rd ending!

(yay the people on my favourites list aren't dead!)

TX2 responds:

Yay, the people who put me in their favorites list aren't dead!

Loved the intro.

And the rest of it was good too. "Where the hell do you get live ammo in a medieval fantasy game?!" XD

Alliright i guess

It made me laugh i guess and i like the way u can pick your own ending

Wow I love this!

This is really great but I dont think anyone who hasent played Majoras Mask will get this at all... Still though It made me laugh a lot. Thank you for makeing my day!

TX2 responds:

Here's to esoteric humor!