Reviews for "Pyrrha Omega"

loved the designs for that game....but not the game itself really. especially the triple random character and lack of certain staple characters.
also, were you aware that Xiba is the illegitimate child of Xianghua and Kilik? i sure as hell wasn't.

SignHerePlease responds:

I was sooo unaware and I FOLLOW the story holy fuck

Always great work S.H.P :)

SignHerePlease responds:

I Try

How in MAD-shin do you get that amazing color scheme!? Could you make a video showing the coloring and shadowing stratagy, or if it's already done, could you link me to a video, please?

SignHerePlease responds:

strategy???//my technique is random

I'm digging the SC5(Soul Caliber 5) art! I'm very interested why you would want to draw them? Did you happen to play the game? Well that doesn't matter, back to your art.
Colors: 1 star..
Character: 1 star..
Pyrrha's sexy pose: 2 stars..
Please Sign Here'ness(I made that up): 1, full, star.. ^ ^
(I look forward to maybe Tira and Xiba art. Maybe..? Please think about it? Maybe??..)
Signed: Your Biggest (Female) Fan.

SignHerePlease responds:

Ev eryone keeps saying tira, ITS COMING GAWD
Also I love playing that game >.<

nice pic. love your subject and use of colors. pretty unique.

fuckin trolls on here. go back to your fuckin bridges where you belong.

SignHerePlease responds:

Nah their cute