Reviews for "Pyrrha Omega"

I just like her face, :D that's the best bit 4 me, it's kind of got an ethereal sort of look to it. I mean it's so good it could of just been the only thing in the pic and it still would've gotten 5 stars.
I pretty much love her whole upper half, but i don't think seeing her... thing was necessary, granted u hid most of it with her leg and claw-arm. I get that sex sells but I think this piece didn't really need it, it was good enough to stand on its own without that.
I loved the design for her arm with the claw it's really cool. One thing I will say though is that her arms aren't really proportionate to each other, the one on the right touching her head is more or less ok but it looks slightly too small especially in comparison to her legs and the reach of her other arm but if they weren't in the picture and it was just the top part of the pic from just above the ribbon on her chest up it'd be fine. saying that, I do still like the other arm and the design for the legs i just personally don't feel it looks exactly right due to the fact that they make the right arm seem too small.
It is cool though and I like most of the different elements in it so i'm still gonna give u a high score

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THis is excellent feed back, you should all aspire to be like this individual

I'm digging the SC5(Soul Caliber 5) art! I'm very interested why you would want to draw them? Did you happen to play the game? Well that doesn't matter, back to your art.
Colors: 1 star..
Character: 1 star..
Pyrrha's sexy pose: 2 stars..
Please Sign Here'ness(I made that up): 1, full, star.. ^ ^
(I look forward to maybe Tira and Xiba art. Maybe..? Please think about it? Maybe??..)
Signed: Your Biggest (Female) Fan.

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Ev eryone keeps saying tira, ITS COMING GAWD
Also I love playing that game >.<

Love everything about this great work man.

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I love all the shading and angles you used, and the color scheme is really cool, I can't wait to see more

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nice pic. love your subject and use of colors. pretty unique.

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Nah their cute