Reviews for "TTA Episode 030"

Turn your sound down

Before you watch this ...ummm...thing? turn sound down geeze thing almost blew out my speakers. But ya I duuno the graphics switch to paint to 16 bit and ya I diddnt like it personally.

i did not like this one

it is not like the other ones, they were rarely in there 32bit form, there were voices, i just did not like all that....

I'm sorry =(

You know i actually liked reading it but the animation degraded the voices were done with a 10$ mic and you never explained how or why you change like that with 1111 this was good up until here i would have perferred it to stay 32-bit with reading

Season1?? your trying to make seasons

this must took alot of work. we need to make this a t.v. show somtime. i wish the game really was like that. i'd play it forever

Whats the song?

whats the song at the begining of the movie? because if anyone knowsplease give me a link