Reviews for "TTA Episode 030"

A joy to watch

I'm glad I looked into this series, you're a great flash animator. I also love the use of the fully voiced episodes thus far as well as non-sprite animation, it really improves the episodes. Great work, these flashes are the real deal!


I had an awesome time watching this. At least you weren't totally biased by actually finishing the damn thing off yourself. Keep up the good work!

The best

That's one of the best episodes and battles I have ever seen.I hope the other episodes are like this too.You are a great flash maker and I like your other creations too.I hope you continue making more great movies.

ah the good old days....

back when Kirbopher was kinda bad at stuff that wasn't spirting and had a shitty mic. Now we've got the Parody Rangers!

final fantasy second boss music

i have that game