Reviews for "TTA Episode 030"

Whats the song?

whats the song at the begining of the movie? because if anyone knowsplease give me a link


A big step forward in production quality! Voice acting and hand art...

I love recognizing music in this things! I've heard stuff from FFIX before, and this one had the score from the fight with Ansem in Kingdom Hearts. :D

and you did those things with my character.

..................... i wanted to power level him :(.

good job adding voice acting.

I don't really like it...

I think the voice acting kind of ruined it. Also was it necessary to change how the flash looked?


ive been watching TTA ALL day 2day an i havnt written any reveiws on the other episodes but since this is the last one in the series i think i shud

before i start, lemme just say U R A GOD!
TTA is funny original nd jst briliant! loads of humour throughout the scenes and even mor gd fight scenes. i agree wit evry1 whose said that its gd enough to be on TV, it'd be massive!
i did like the sprites mor thn the drawn characters bt other thn that PLZ MEK MOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!