Reviews for "TTA Episode 030"

Great 30th episode and season finale with the story,music, and the voises that wasnt there before episode 30.

Episode o3o .3. Lol.

This was so AWESOME! I wonder who the little friend is.

An ok submission, does need more effort though.

Another good entry here, it was pretty interesting and there was some interesting visuals and some ok content, i thought there was some initial things that could have been better with some more detail, I suppose there is alot that could be made better, but overall i enjoyed it, This actually starts right off and is pretty good, there was alot of action in this and alot ofgood story to it so i commend you on the story part of thinhs, there was some issues with the sound quality being hard to hear so the subtitles was a nice touch, the graphics could have used morefine tunning aswell, but besides that this was actually pretty good, it did seemto drag on and onmaybe shortening it up somehow, but other then that i kinda liked it. After watching this flash and seeing it all had to offer my ending notes on this are that i was pleased with it, even in the end, some parts were better then others and some stuff could be better and even improved on,

So with this one there could be a few things to improve on, i will get to that shortly, but first i wanted to say there was some really good parts, you can start improving on this by taking some of the advice offered and use it go with it, make it work and make your submission shine from it, Sound quality is really bad, you should try and give it more quality maybe its the "MIC" or maybe the recording was too close to the mic, these are things that can be looked into and improved, Another issue was the "GRAPHICS" some of the orinal art was ok but your brush strokes are too thick so you should change that up abit.

freakin AWESOME! the action sequences were amazing and the characters all had the right things to say! really funny part: Sniperwave: WERE ALL GONNA DIE! saturndiva: get a hold of yourself! very fine work Kirbopher! Spectacular!