Reviews for "TTA Episode 030"

I've always been wondering..

How do you do all these crazy actions with just a controller? O_____o Even if it is the future.

Teamwork ftw

what a finale
very epic
it could almost be on TV
it's certainly just as good as, if not better (at least plot wise) then any anime i've seen

the voice acting wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't bad, and the lines were really good, as always
the animation was quite good, as was the battle

all in all, i was very impressed by the first season of TTA
it had a great plot and sense of humor
drama, comedy, mystery, suspense, romance....
i look forward to watching the rest ^_^

Great Description

Sniperwave:That giant whatever the hell that thing has

Well episodes 14 to 30 were great

If u created this in 2009 with the technology that is now u could have gotten a 10 for ur overall average but i've been meaning to ask one thing.... why did it take so long for the series to make liftoff?

I know u won't anwser my question due to long periods of time that this series has ended but if anyone knows or gots a idea why please tell me?
Anyway im off to season 2


THIS... SERIES... IS... AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!