Reviews for "TTA Episode 030"

freakin sweet!!

by far my favorite series so far! loved the whole season! i cant wait to watch the next season!!! =]]

A Great Season

From episode one I've seen this series get better and better. Even back in 2005 you created quality work. Overall, My favorite part of this series is the story. It was deep and it drew me in. Still, sound quality and battle scenes wasn't always the greatest. Nonetheless, I can't wait to get started on watching season two.

OMG Gwhtti!

A gaint whatever the hell that thing is! In all seriousness it was awesome and everyone should at least checl this out!


AWESOME ending to season 1!

Virtual Reality Pwndax

I believe on Ep 1 they said it was a VR system, so I would assume there is some sort of gear they use, like controllers, maybe headsets for visual things, mics for talking, ect.