Reviews for "LL - Klop's Revenge"

as far as clock movies go

i don't usually give clock movies a second thought, but it is very rare to see one sub par, let alone with GOOD animation.

if i must continue to rate clock movies, i hope they will all have this kind of quality :P

I dont get this clock crew thing

I really loved the graphics and the sounds and the fight sceen was pretty good as well
good job overall I just dont really like the whole clock thing i dunno maybe its just me if u were to put out some other stuff other than clocks that would be sweet your ability in flash is really good.


ok that was just stupid i would rather watch my dog pee than watch that again and thats nto a joke, just how stupid can u get, clocks and locks fighting and that stupid robot voise that practically everybody has used over and oever get some new ideas i swear i dont think yall are even trying anymore

The small things let it down

the voices really spoiled it I thought.. that was definately my main beef with this production, in general I liked it and voted it a 3 but it would of definately got a 4 or 5 if the voices had of been good instead of that microsoft voice style sound, also the battle scene was good but could of been better if you had speeded bits up and maybe added a 360 degree 3d style rotation... yeah that woulda been cool. VERDICT: ok but could of been great given just a little extra work, you would got a much better award imho if you'd of done that

funny almost

the ban was funny