Reviews for "LL - Klop's Revenge"

Nice LL video.

Good stuff

I liked the music, I like the story, and I liked the drive and determination shown by AvengualLock. The voices were cool, like Klop came back as RoboKlop or something. The music used during the car ride sounded like something from a Kill Bill trailer, which is always cool. Thanks for giving me something to watch again and again!

lol i figured it out

my first flash vote 0 by this guy is the same as this thats why he said vote 0 i get it now

one of my favorites

nice movie, its my favorite lock movie, too bad it didnt get in the collection.
nice graphics, bg music , sounds, everything! Its perfect!

just one weird thing, they used 3 hours to drive to the LL HQ, but avengual walked all the way XD

added as nr fav ;D

HydraulicCat responds:

Thank you Circa!!
lol, about the Avengeual... yeah, I forgot about the 3 hours of driving...

Omg! Awesome!

That was awesome! 5 all the way!