Reviews for "LL - Klop's Revenge"

o'o' wo'w

awesome man, it shuda be 1'st place

Pretty good.

I enjoyed this because, sounds were great, music was not in bad quality, graphics suited fine, and nothing needs to be reviewed or redone. Well done. Make more?

Starting to like it :)

At first I disliked everything of ClockCrew and LockLegion, but right now I'm starting to enjoy the LL and CC movies because of its nice simplecy yet fun and nice. I hope to see more, because this is most definatly the best movie of LL I have seen.


That was very well done. It was true to CLock and Lock style.

good but has been done

very good, i liked it alot but it has all been done.... can someone please tell me all this clock lock stuff is the cc the same as the ll??