Reviews for "LL - Klop's Revenge"

Awsome - untill the ending that is

It was great, funny and had violence - what else do you need? Sound!

All the awsome effects (ban staff for teh win!) could've had some cool sound effect, and so could all the magic and and sword fight at the ending.


One thing that would have made it better is sword sounds. When the swords hit it should have sounded like metal against metal instead of nothing.

this was great!

this was a good clock movei, i loved the music,ta onlyy thing bad about this was ta sword fighting, it was very boring, you did a good job, oh and to the viewer the music sounds beter on headphones!

very nice piece!

wow i was blown away by this.. and i loved the end music (Popcorn)

You messed up.

After al choped off the top of stars head (i have no idea what his name is srry :( ) his second hand was going at normal speed while the rest was slow-mo.