Reviews for "LL - Klop's Revenge"

I laughed, I cried, I..

managed to finish the whole video. The style [read; art], though it came off as "amateurish", was wonderfully placed throughout the movie. The music choice was superb, and I giggled after hearing the voices.

COol stuff

First good one i've seen today. Got to admit that im not a huge fan of the CC or any of that stuff but this was a well put together flash. Music worked. Storyline worked. Good job. Now if only i could get me a sword like that.

wth is Internativity eny way? :D

Greath comic!! that was cool but battle was kinda on one place... u could made them to run around or somthink... but it didn't spoil movie =D Greath job again!!

as far as clock movies go

i don't usually give clock movies a second thought, but it is very rare to see one sub par, let alone with GOOD animation.

if i must continue to rate clock movies, i hope they will all have this kind of quality :P


clocks smell and this proves it (or does it...?)