Reviews for "LL - Klop's Revenge"


yeah it was great, good animation, good ideas. i like your style.

though tere is one point i went mad... WHY TEH FUCK DID YOU SAID POPCORN WAS MADE BY CRAZY FUCKFROG??? IT IS A TEH GOOD SONG OF GERSHON KINGSLEY... teh noob frog stole teh cool song... ='(

TO HELL WITH NOOB THIEF!!! *ow man im mad*


haha that was the best
the part where he banned klop OH MAN

Very swell indeed

The sword fight scene lacked character and movement, but other then that it was very good, awsome work

Well done

i like your style what program did you use with the voices?


That was great! And I was in it! :D
The hands looked kinda weird though.