Reviews for "LL - Klop's Revenge"


why not use your own advise and get your own ideas. clocks are over used and so is that robotic voice. serious. get your own ideas next time. just because theres a different story line doesnt mean its new.

I dont get this clock crew thing

I really loved the graphics and the sounds and the fight sceen was pretty good as well
good job overall I just dont really like the whole clock thing i dunno maybe its just me if u were to put out some other stuff other than clocks that would be sweet your ability in flash is really good.

Excellent job Klop!!

I absolutely loved this movie from start to finish, and will have to watch again, at least once :P
My favourite of all is your overall excellent use of music, and your animation!

Added you to favourites <3

i like it

graphics are ok music too and the batlee was awsome!!!!!! man i like it!!!

Lock Legion

Wow, the Lock Legion still amazes me. You guys are really good, for a shoddy NG Crew. Thank you, you give me more faith in Clocks and Locks each time I see one of your movies. Great job.