Reviews for "LL - Klop's Revenge"

Great job! Another from the Lock Legion!

Very nice work on this movie, its been too long since ive last seen a lock legion movie like this. It was actually pretty good on all levels, there was some noticable room for improvement here and there however, i will explain what i mean later on. But this is the kind of stuff i enjoy with the lock legion, so obviously i was fairly pleased with it all. As i say with each of my reviews to lock legion submissions, you guys are very consistant, more so than the clock crew. Here is my review.

The graphics were great, just as id expect from an LL submission. I really love each and every one of your styles, they are similar because the animation is always so smooth, but there are always still differences that make each one seem fresh. The drawings in this one were good, and i liked the detail in the characters, though the backgrounds could have a bit more i suppose. The colours were bright and definitely fit the animation style. The style of this was really good overall in terms of the graphics, and basic idea. But the presentation faultered at some points such as when you seemed to leave some important elements out of the story like a sufficient ending. The sound was great too, i liked the voices in this because i havnt heard some of them before. Nice sounds too, but sometimes the sound went a bit out of sync.

Overall this was a really good movie, and it is for reasons like this that i actually like the Lock Legion in general. Way to go on a great submission, the lock legion deserves more respect than they get i think. Anyways keep the great submissions coming!
~Two Thumbs Up! 4/5


ok, i was laughing the whole time i was watching it, im sorry but a coke can? what are you thinking? Ok and you had good sound ACCEPT for the voices! at the beginning it was like some robot gibberish, and closer to the middle it got normal robot, but still it was not THAT bad

that was awesome.

good luck in the LL, and awesome movie i was very impressed.

Never seen better car animation...

It was Ok, I guess... but I've gotta say, you have perfect animation of cars. I've never seen better. Not bad.


ok that was just stupid i would rather watch my dog pee than watch that again and thats nto a joke, just how stupid can u get, clocks and locks fighting and that stupid robot voise that practically everybody has used over and oever get some new ideas i swear i dont think yall are even trying anymore