Reviews for "LL - Klop's Revenge"

good stuff

ah, these are so amusing. and the people that think otherwise....should prolly stop posting on newgrounds due to the fact that they are idiots.


It was really bad. I gave you an ok Score because you did try hard on it. But I hate it a lot to tell you the truth. Clocks.. who was the first to come up with this? Locks?.. who came up with that? Both are really dull! What.. did you look at Salvador dali's work and think hey, if I did something with clocks.. people would love me!!! Because this crap really isn't a good idea.. well it might have been.. but not anymore!

well played comrade

anyone who gives locks good press deserves to be fived, always looking to help a fellow lock.

The small things let it down

the voices really spoiled it I thought.. that was definately my main beef with this production, in general I liked it and voted it a 3 but it would of definately got a 4 or 5 if the voices had of been good instead of that microsoft voice style sound, also the battle scene was good but could of been better if you had speeded bits up and maybe added a 360 degree 3d style rotation... yeah that woulda been cool. VERDICT: ok but could of been great given just a little extra work, you would got a much better award imho if you'd of done that

Yay :)

I was hoping youd get an award for this, very kick ass solid awesome stuff. Awesome animations, graphics, and put together nicely, very cool :)

good job.