Reviews for "LL - Klop's Revenge"

haha, i normally dont like lock/clock movies

but this one was quite impressive, very plot rich and well done... was that a supersayjin powerup at the end there, i like! haha.


I dont know why this has a low score cause this is really good. I like the story, everything. YOu should make more!


Excellence defined.

what a great movie. It had me on the end of my seat to be honest with you. This brings a question to my mind... will you no longer be participating in the CC? If not, your talent will be sorely missed...by me at least. Excellent work. fifen.


o my god what a cool movie!!^_^ but one thing,why has it LL in its name? it isn,t a LOCK LEGION movie. well great anyways!! see forward to avengful lock (or how you spell it) movies later!! vote 5.

Right on!

This Flash is Great the Violence the Drama the perfect graphics!
you My Freind are going into my Favorate with the other great animators.
I never seen you before and if your new to NG Welcome!
Im hopeing to see more flash from you soon and gratson the High score on this creation.
I vote 5 and 10/10 on Reviewing score.
'Rank Elite Guard Staff Sergant' "Level 11"

HydraulicCat responds:

Thanks to you comrade!!!
I have 40 animations till now,
and I am going to continue till
I will get 100 animtions