Reviews for "LL - Klop's Revenge"

Daily 4th for you, Mister

Nice job. This is your best movie ever. This deserved frontpage and an award and it got it. Congratulations, man.


wow HidraolicCat, that is the best flash you have EVER submited!!!!
(msg me on msn when u can :D)

Good but,

Not sure, about all the stuff between the clocks and locks, usually i just hate clock/lock ect movies but this one was pretty well directed with smooth graphics

Music was great.

Good toon but wtf?

You guys are nuts. The toon it self was good with graphics ands tory. Well executed. but wtf is this clock/lock/jock/sock gang war thing? Lol.

When I get better at flash I almost want to make a toon about the bystanders and them having to deal with this. Lol
(I know its not a real war.)

hmm.. tis an interesting movie..

i liked the storyline of the animation...and the graphics,nice fight seen at the end. :D