Reviews for "LL - Klop's Revenge"


Great work HidraolicCat, its good to see you finally win an award after all your movies.

The graphics and sound were great, I liked the use of different speakonia voices. The music synced perfectly.

Although like the last reviewer said, Spiel means "game" not "play" but its an easy mistake.

Keep up the good work


Sprichst du Deutsch? (Hm... unwahrscheinlich) ^.^"

Pretty smothe animation. Great style. Keep up the good work.

But there also were some funny parts, in the beginning.
Not that I want to criticise you (I bet I sometimes make mistakes similar to that too... maybe even in this review, who knows), I just found it funny and wanted to let you know...

L'mao, "beladen" doesn't mean "loading" considering a computer-program... ^^
You would "beladen" a truck or something...

And "Spiel" means actually "game" (like a videogame), so it doesn't mean "play". ;-D

As I said above, it's no criticism. It's just a bit funny, in a positive way. ^^

hey great !

It's simple, but I really like it great job !! ( nice car ;))

Giving Props

Ignore that n00b. I think CC and LL Make some of the best shit on newgrounds keep up the good work. :Thumbs Up:

this was cool

i liked it