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Reviews for "A Zombie Wakes"

Bad video quality hurts this effort

A good clay-mation but unfortunately the video quality is terrible.
The actual animation is very good technically - especially by NG standards, but lacks much substance or humour. Still the style is very good and I look forward to future animations from you.

good one

very nice claymation.... the black-and-white setting to this halloween-style claymation was pretty good too. the plot to it was also awesome. overall, it was a pretty good animation. i liked this one, good job on it.

good claymation

Good claymation, it was boring though. If you fixed the pixel issue and then got a better storyline then you could ba a very good flash artist.

If I had a nickle for every pixel in the video, I'd have a nickle! Other than that, it was a fairly well made movie, and an ok Idea... but I did get bored after the zombie was chasing the squirrel for what seemed like a few minutes straight. Keep trying to get better, though, dude! (I know this review is 8 years late, lol)

The video was so compressed that my eyes started bleeding.