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Reviews for "A Zombie Wakes"

Bad video quality hurts this effort

A good clay-mation but unfortunately the video quality is terrible.
The actual animation is very good technically - especially by NG standards, but lacks much substance or humour. Still the style is very good and I look forward to future animations from you.

I liked it but

Like Darth-Cell said, it needs a better quality. Pixelation makes me cry.

pretty good

you have pretty good amimation and the charachters move smoothly, but the quality of the movie isnt too good. it gets pixled alot, you should try make it somewhat better. it is a good movie but i wouldnt want it blammed because of bad quality.

Very Good!

You are good at what you do. Clean up the sound and some of the cinematography and you would be the master of the whole planet!!!!!!!


I especially liked the graphics for the opening. Very smooth.