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Reviews for "A Zombie Wakes"

quite nicely done

the quality of the film, being black and white, and the music, sure gave it a feel of an old time film. Pretty good actually.

Claymation rocks.

Awesome work. It became very pixeled at times but otherwise, nothing bad. Claymations is definitely one of my favourit-animation type.
Great work.


I love the different medium than most movies on NG. The story is very cute in and inventive. I know there were lost of resolution problems, but overall well done.

effort well spent

don't listen to any bad reviews. A few aspects were less than perfect, but I know how much work it takes to make a claymation. Anyone willing to put that much work into a submission deserves a decent score.


ya, i really like those claymation like things, but its rare that you see a good one on newgrounds anymore, this one was good, good job