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Reviews for "A Zombie Wakes"

Great work

This piece of animation is fantastic. I haven't seen stop motion animation for a while now, and this was done really nicely. Good use of camera angles, and nice pacing.

It's probably the grey shades and video compression that cause pixelation on some frame, otherwise it's a 10. Very appropriate soundtrack, kinda whimsical, with a touch of humour and tones of horror.

Keep up the good work.


thats what they should do in zombie movies.....Get a ton of squi..yeah im not going to try and spell.... so lets just go with the fuzzy creatures... get a ton of them and have them eat the zombies!!! also I would say something about it being blu... lets go with fuzzy lol about it but in case you didnt notice I dont no nothin about nothin and it wouldnt make since.... I would say HEY! its fuzzy! make it work better (see i sound like im 5) so just yeah.... make more and ohhhhh put a man eating panda in one!!!! please! O COME ON AND IN THE CREDITS WRITE PANDA IDEA- SA-RS THAT WOULD BE GREAT! PANDAS! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! well canyway good job


This was really...um...good. I like the fact that the squirrel is a carnivore. Although, is this for a school project or something because the lighting was horrible. Excellent, just fix the camera, o.k.?



but talk to knox about importing video so it doesnt look so 8bit

I think it was good

Wow I couldnt watch more then half of this before the movment made me sick, the camera you are using makes evreythign look 8 bit when they move, evreything else looked fine I am guessing when you start and stop whatever you are using it needs to focus and ya really man it looked good from what I could see.