Reviews for "Life in Purple"

I guess it's okay!

It wasn't bad at all.

Nice hypnotic music.

Animation was nice and solid throughout.

Nice ending, how he was asleep.

You really captured that dream-like state we feel when we start to doze off.

Cheers Mate!


Yeah that was a very strange thing to watch...not while high, I mean, but a very strange Flash. Love the Frame-by-Frame!!

nice soundtrack

imagine watching that one while u were hi...
but anyway- it was the soundtrack that really pulled it together. good job.

What does this mean?

So, is this some sort of meditation on conformity, or do you just really like purple? I'm guessing the latter, since everyone in the movie seemed happy with the purple. Of course, that is the nature of conformity, so it brings us back to my original question. Perhaps I'm thinking too much.

Not bad...

not to shabby for someone whos just starting keep at it ull get better....

Thomas responds:

I'm not a beginner...

I'm just not an animator,I can code hella lot better.