Reviews for "The Organ Grinder"


very moving. understood many of the victims mentioned, and i had no idea it was 'all Rove's fault' .. I used to be apathetic about his case because i doubted that he was really guilty of anything but this flash might have changed my mind. Great Ending!

(right after the part with the flashing 3-panels, the 'monkey's' face shows for bit, and then flashes back, and then shows normally, might be an error. also you might consider using a 'play' button, i was too busy reading your Comments to notice the flash had already started)

You get humor points for showing Dubya as a monkey

For some reason, I found the music of this thing rather chilling...

I liked the way everything played out silently and you slowly brought in the music. While I will say there's a definite liberal bias here (though I don't care =p ) I thought this was well done and a nice way to make a point.

Good work.

Great statement!

You need to donate this flash to moveon.org! I loved the creepy music ...and the "bush monkey face" was great. But the best part was when ol' Dick Cheney creeps out and picks every one's pocket!

I get it XD

Good point ehehe, is the organ tune from The Digimon World game for ps1 a wayyyyyyy back? (when you hit the mansion?)

Go figure

It's all one big fucking joke that nobody gets... [Z?]