Reviews for "The Organ Grinder"

Nice Job Keep up the Inovative Work

Nice Job Keep up the Inovative Work

wtf is your problem rgathright?

this was one of the best political flashes iv ever seen

You get humor points for showing Dubya as a monkey

For some reason, I found the music of this thing rather chilling...

I liked the way everything played out silently and you slowly brought in the music. While I will say there's a definite liberal bias here (though I don't care =p ) I thought this was well done and a nice way to make a point.

Good work.

good one

a very twisted animation, but it was pretty good. i really liked the drawings in this one and the plot and concept to this one were pretty good. if this one was just a test, i'd love to see more animations from you. you have some awesome talent.


Not much to say, it was an ok flash though.