Reviews for "TTA Episode 025"


that's it. I just shit my pants on how awesome this is.

The buttons

I've always had a hard time clicking them, they don't always work.


i really liked the dk thing keep up the good work

best yet! (that i've seen so far)

this series deserves higher ranks
it's very good, intriguing story, mysterious but humorous (very much so)

as for the DK minigame, it was creative, and it wasn't so easy that it was no challenge at all, but it was kind of annoying how u had to click in the right spot...it took me a couple of tries
it would have been better if u could just click or something

good effort at adding some interactivity, though :)

Kick Ass! Keep it up!

Did the fucking mushroom just say "Open the Box!!!" during th fight or was it just me? I love the plot line so far, very mysterious.