Reviews for "TTA Episode 025"


i had to skip this ep cus the gamecrazed thing

Open the box!

probably the best battle cry ever ^^ yet again great job


this is gamecrazed battle! not mine! I did not appreciate that!

Whoa man...i can see the ether!

"whoa...drug trip" is what popped into my head when they were all floatey in the white void

Ugh. Gimmicks.

Don't do that.

I know, you want to keep the story fresh and exciting, and maybe you're having a tough time comming up with new material or intresting subjects, but for the love of god, don't use gimmicks.
I hate you for making me *win* at something just to hear the rest of your story. It's like challenging someone to chess before they can finish watching a movie in the theater.

You didn't take into consideration that maybe some people on this website have little to no eye-hand coordination, did you?