Reviews for "TTA Episode 025"


dude i got so angry at that mini game thing do not use them it annoys the hell out of some people and if i skipped it i would have missed out on some of the story!! but on my tenth try after getting unstressed and smashin a game box i found i did it and wrote this...


I don't care that it took me three tries, that mini-game was so much fun!

This is my fourth time watching this series and I had forgotten how good it was.


high five!

IF your having problems with the quick time event just right click and hit "play" when a barrel is close to you. Then click the button etc etc.

open the box! open the box! open the box! ghaaaaa!

stupid quick time event, i can't believe it took me 9 times to get it right -.-

"8 bit madness!"

That was pretty cool with the fast action donkey kong game. LOVED IT!