Reviews for "TTA Episode 025"


The videogame bit did not mix with laptops and also did not mix with alcohol, if you make shit like these again at least give a skip option, that said and all the low review mark is solely because of that game, the rest when i bother reviweing will normally get the ten

Games and vids do NOT mix.

This ep sucked because it was more memorization than platforming. It took me like 30 tries to do the damn Donkey Kong Game. Games and vids do not mix! I don't hate the series just the episodes with minigames. At least this one was better than the maze minigame.


that mini game brought back REALLY bad memories of when I was playing DK 64...

....wait a minute, Blitz128? DUDE! Blink-182 parody! Awesome!

Mini game made me laugh lol

You have to click the exact second the button comes up almost lol
Love this series


that fucking minigame was almost impossible on the last button, why the hell would you torure us like this?