Reviews for "TTA Episode 025"

... That minigame was annoying...

Great video, and funny Netking. But, the minigame was horrible. You have to click the button immediately, or you're sent back to the bottom. Give the player more time to be able to click the button, as not everyone has lightning-fast reflexes, you know. You could've added a "Skip" button or something. I hope this isn't offensive.

Boss Applesauce.

This series just keeps getting better and better!

GC is a boss

I dont see why people thought the mini game so hard, i kinda liked it also GC became pretty boss. Keep up the good work


For everyone who's stuck on the mini-game, try using TAB+ENTER. I hope that helps. ^.^

Anyways, Love the series. Hope they'll be new episodes!

Darn mini-game, but this was still awesome

I personally wish to punch you in the face for the mini-game which was right next to impossible on a laptop.
But I like the series, so I retract that wish and will just think angry thoughts.