Reviews for "TTA Episode 025"

oh my lawsuit senses are tingling

ah its good to have comic releif again

8 bit retrones!!!!!

dude a donkeykong mini game? surely there were more options than that...but i think it has a bit of an origanality of it own...now if the guy with a sucky name (dude...that name sux...if there were some sucking that name could do it...cuz its so stupid...it sux) could sing "Work It!" while he was fighting it would be HILARIOUS!!!(cuz that name sux...and if there was some sucking....it would suk)


Probably the funniest episode ever!!!

"[Poke] Dude, he really IS a mushroom!" "DON'T TOUCH ME!!!!!!"

LOL "Open the box!!!" was hilarious!

Open the Box!!!!!!

God that line was so anoying.

eh, the game was annoying, but I got over it

It took a few tries for me, but I beat the mini game. Anyyways...I have a few things I need to say: 1. There are much worse things in the world than seeing a giant mushroom.Take it from me and my personal experiences T_T. 2. ZOMG! MARIO REFERANCES! 3. Blitz should be shot for saying that James Bond line T_T. 4. The minigame reminded me of an old Donkey Kong game I used to play on the Nintendo 64, and 5. 37 ^_^....anyways...TO THE NEXT EPISODE! SOUL REAVER, AWAY!