Reviews for "Full Metal Sonic"


man this is awsome i cant beleve it it looks cool sound cool dude...well just DUDE!

Words cant explain!!!

Yo im a big fan of FMA i love how you organized som of the sonic characters to fit Alphonse, Edward,Colonel Mustard ETC. Unlike some people would do.Also how they moved just like the begiining song instead of makin them run around like idiots.The reason im saying this not only it was good im a big fan of FullMetalAlchemist.ALso SONIC.Keep up the good work.O yea dont make this a series it would be gay make it a theme way better than a series i hope you make more.

that was pretty cool

no wonder it had over a thousand reviews =)


ThAt WAS KEWL! i love fma this just might be the best flash i have ever seen


AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!!! This has potential! You should make a seris outta dis!