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Reviews for "ClixSposing Samus"

Wicked fun with Samus!

Nothing better then that I must say. Very nice work on the whole deal Greg, gotta love stripping down such a lovely heroine, hehe.

Very good...

I am a big fan of Metroids games and i've never seen her naked but you should take away the metroids at the end and make her ínteractive that would be more fun if you know what I mean ;)


The graphics could have been better but other than that ,it was the best!!!!

hard ment 2 be hard thats the hole point

its a good game but promly could be better with ending. naybe u can make a other 1 like this 1?


Yeah I really enjoyed that, It had nice artwork fun ga,eplay and a weird Vag tatoo ^^ Please make more