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Reviews for "ClixSposing Samus"

Here's my OPINION ok cause people have things callled Opinions its good the thing is its difficult come out with just a toned down version and its fine thats all im saying

Okay. As an actual game this would have been somewhat acceptable. But keep in mind this is a hentai game. Most people who are playing this are too busy stroking themselves to be focusing on being the most precise they could ever be. However I have discovered a way of making this game somewhat easier. Every time Samus drops something you can right click the game and left click the thing she dropped. Not only would you have precision aim but you would have time to process what is going on. i seriously tried to play this game and ended hurting my entire right arm. Tone it down with the difficulty because I see some potential in this game.

Another one that's IMPOSSIBLE to beat! :O "Easy" should be classified as "Hard" since that's what it is. "Normal" is impossible and I haven't even TRIED "Hard". Why are you making your games so damn difficult? :(

Once again I won't vote. It's better if I don't, 'cause it'd only be 0 at this point.


extremely hard for very little reward and pointless making someone do all three difficulties it wouldn't have been so bad if you had just put one in and gone with normal as it was a nuff to amuse me but not annoy and the reward could have been better. but it could be something to amuse people with, thought I don't recommend it for most of the time spent playing wasn't worth the reward