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Reviews for "ClixSposing Samus"


That was great, and anothet thing is that at the end of hard was just kickass

hard as hell!!!!

why is it nearly impossible to shoot samus and here bombs and why the hell is there an easy and norm mode if they dont do shit?

To difficult.

I thought it needed some cheats because of its difficulty and dont think I am one of those bastards that hate hentai because I liked the hentai just not the difficulty so work on some cheats and yo get a 10 from me.


too much effort...... dumbass

Great game.

Although it was a very well planned game, too mch work was involved to get to the sexy center of this tootsie pop. But still, I am fan of hentai and this is no exception. But for future reference, sometimes a guy needs hentai action and he (or she) really can't spend too much time getting to the actually sex part of it, so next time put a cheat in it so one can skip the game and get to the good stuff before going crazy

And to the guy who reviewed this game before me, very inspirational review, you are right about what you said.