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Reviews for "++Nes Collab++"


Really nice and I agree with the last guy those all could have been alone peices... but the were amazing good job all you guys...
I can tell right now you are some of the best flash artists on here...


i liked kung fu he was like "im not having a gf like that Sl**"

oh gawd..

The poor goombas!

but i couldn't help watching that over and over again.. haha. Great Collab! (no Kirby's Adventure?)

Funny Stuff, Really, I'm Not Lying!

The movies were really cool, very action packed and full of comedy (as in the Kung Fu one.) The Zelda movie was cool and I expected the same quality from anyone who made a lot of movies. The Mario movie was pretty funny and action packed, since Mario is the bomb. To make a long review's ending short, I liked this flash movie set a lot. Great Job!

very good

i gotta say that was a neat flash you had there very funny